To attain the vision and mission of the Zamboanga City State Polytechnic College, the Department of Arts and Sciences aims to accomplish the following:

  1. Provide focus and continuous improvements of academic instruction in general education courses such as: languages, social sciences, natural sciences and mathematics as tool subjects to support the technology courses of all College curricula;
  2. Develop students skills and knowledge along general education at par with technological knowledge and skills to support the international competitiveness of labor force;
  3. Develop curricular programs in other sciences supportive to technology and are responsive to the technological needs of the changing times;
  4. Provide learning opportunities to students in order to increase and develop their knowledge , communication skills (both oral and written), critical thinking and creativity, problem solving abilities, positive values and deepen their understanding of themselves, society and their environment; and
  5. Provide strong liberal arts foundation for all curricular programs through the general education core subjects defining what it means to be a well-rounded person.


1.develop creativity, critical self-awareness, and self -motivation
2. Respond to local and global needs in terms of information, media and technology skills.
3. apply  the ability to think with a sense of ethical purpose in the practice of the profession
4. possess mastery in advance learning, knowledge and competence in the field of fine arts
5. create love for knowledge and humanity
6. Instill awareness of the fundamental value of creation and the importance of inter-relatedness between form and function; materials, process, idea and expression.
7. carry out skills in planning and organization
8. demonstrate  inter and intrapersonal relationship skills
9. generate and disseminate innovative ideas
10. show perseverance in pursuing goals and continuous improvement
11.initiate teamwork and collaborative skills
12. exhibit effective oral and written communication skills
13. Foster sense of nationalism arising from the realization of the role of art and artists in the nation’s historical and cultural development.
14.  Exhibit a strong sense of responsibility who are rooted in the community involvement and equipped with a global perspective.
15. identify his role as an agent of social change