After series of reviews and validations and out of 1000 applicants, five (5) ZCSPC Faculty had qualified and presented their researches at the Asia Pacific Consortium of Researchers and Educators (APCORE) International Conference 2019 held at Hotel Jen Shangrila Plaza on September 18-20, 2019. Dr. Necita Tayong and Mr. Alexander Lee Ibni presented researches in the field of Language Studies; Ms. Jenette Cabalbag – on Students’ Competency and Performance; Mr. Ephraim Silorio – on Educational Management; and Ms. Collin C. Ceneciro on Educational Pedagogy. Two of them – Dr. Necita Tayong and Ms. Collin Ceneciro were recognized finalists for Exemplary Research in Language Education and Research in Education respectively. Meanwhile, fellow faculty Dr. Edgardo Rosales was elected as a member of the Board of Directors of APCoRE.

L to R: Ephraim Silorio, Dr. Necita Tayong, Dr. Edgardo Rosales, Dr. Bonnie Andabon, Alexander Lee Ibni, Jenette Cabalbag and Collin C. Cenerico

The 2019 APCoRE International Conference was a four-day activity initiated and organized by the Consortium in partnership with higher education institutions in the region with the support of partner organizations both public and private.



Annually, APCoRE organizes international conference to encourage its members and other scholars and researchers to present their research findings and other related papers. The conference, a multidisciplinary in nature recognizes research as the primary means to acquire new information and innovative ideas in many academic fields and disciplines addressing the different challenges by proposing sound solutions to the various problems of the Asia-Pacific Region.