This course deals with the knowledge and skills in baking different types of cakes and cake decoration.

This course deals with the knowledge and skills in the preparation of cookies, pies, pastries, and quick breads. It also includes the proper use of tools and equipment and accuracy in measuring.

This course is designed to enhance the knowledge, skills and desirable attitude in processing foods by salting, curing, smoking, fermentation and pickling; canning and bottling by using sugar concentration. It covers the preparation of equipment, tools, utensils, raw materials and other ingredients, packaging and preparation of production report.                                                      

This course is designed for students ought to develop knowledge, skills, and attitude to perform the tasks on housekeeping. It covers Six (6) core competencies, namely: 1.) Providing Housekeeping Services; 2.) Prepare Rooms for Guests; 3.) Cleaning Premises; 4.) Providing Valet/Butler services; 5.) Laundry linen and Guests clothes; and 6.) Deal/handle Intoxicated Guests. The preliminaries of this specialization course include the following: 1.) Explain core concepts in housekeeping; 2.) Discuss the relevance of the course; 3.) Explore on opportunities for a Room or Cabin attendant as a career.

This course deals with the safety standards and procedures in the workshop as set by the industry and the school. It includes topics such as personal safety, safety precaution and practices, hazards anticipation, accident prevention, and first aid administration. It also develops and enhances knowledge, skills, and attitudes of students to safety perform their tasks.