The quantitative research method course is a staple of graduate program in educational administration and supervision. This course provides an introduction to data analysis and statistical inference. Specifically, Graduate School students learn to describe data (quantitatively and graphically), formulate hypothesis and conduct hypothesis test. Select and compute statistical estimates, use computer packages to accomplish these tasks. Interpret and write about the results of the estimates and tests. Make sure that all conclusions are justified given the results.

Educational Statistics 1 is an introductory graduate course in using quantitative methods for inquiry in social and behavioral science. Students will be exposed to the fundamental concepts and procedures of descriptive and inferential statistics. Students will develop competence in reading and understanding statistics topics from sources such as texts, dissertations, journals or technical reports.  The course includes an introduction to the use and interpretation of SPSS.

Knowledge on basic Algebra is required as an understanding of the fundamental principles of the descriptive statistics and hypotheses.