This course will  develop students’ communicative competence and will enhance their cultural and intercultural awareness through multimodal tasks that  will provide them opportunities to communicate effectively and appropriately to the multicultural audiences in a local or global context. The knowledge, skills ,and insight that students  will gain from the course   may be used in their academic endeavors, their chosen disciplines and their future career as they compose and produce relevant oral, written ,audio- visual, and /or web- based output for various purposes.

Research 1 focuses on the fundamentals in writing Chapters 1 to 3 of Research. Exercises and assessment of learning activities are provided to test your comprehension and apply the concepts that you have learned from this module.

This course provides an understanding of research-based knowledge and concepts in sport and exercise psychology to motivate learners to become responsible for their own learning: motivation, goal setting, skills and strategies, barriers and values. It includes analysis of current issues in sport and exercise psychology for the purpose of providing a safe and supportive learning environment.