This  course provides  the  foundation  for  small  business  and  an  overview  of business concepts, including    topics     such   as:  theories    of   entrepreneurship,   types    and     characteristics    of  entrepreneurship,   the   business  life  cycle,   entrepreneurial economics,  accounting and financial management,  legal issues,  marketing research  and  planning, also human resource management, ethics  and  social responsibility product  and  service  research  development  and  acquisition, and  the   use  of technology.  It introduces  students to the opportunities and challenges  associated  with  the   creation   and   management   of   entrepreneurial  and  small  organizations.  This  course  also  discusses  innovative   and   contemporary   approaches   in   addressing   areas   such  as:  starting,  acquiring    a    business,   succeeding   in  business, and  franchising   a   small   business   venture,  Business  plan  development,  purchasing a  business, location  analysis  and  leasing, evaluating  a business   opportunity,   financing   a  business,   marketing,   financial   management  and  systems,  personnel management, customer relations, leadership, managing conflict and communications. The main emphasis will be on small business management or SME.