Welcome to the asynchronous platform of the online training program, "CAHSS PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Training on Flexible Learning " with the Theme: "We Make Flexible Learning Flexible and Together We Achieve Extraordinary Learnings in the New Normal Education." This training aims to:

1.     Equip the CAHSS Faculty with reliable concepts and perspectives  of the Flexible Learning in the New Normal in Education for the A.Y. 2021-2022 and onward;

2.     Produce a wide-ranging course materials (i.e. the course pack and its course guide, study guide integrating  the modules, activity guide, assessment guide and learning resources) anchored on the UbD framework;

3.     Empower the CAHSS Faculty with digital skills ready for the implementation of a digital classroom on Flexible Learning in the New Normal in Education with sustainability for the A.Y. 2021-2022 and onward.

This teacher training program will be implemented in a flexible learning approach synchronously through zoom webinar for 14 hours training session; asynchronously through a course site "MyEclass" moodle for 240 hours training session and 16 hours special training session will be allocated on Technologies for Teaching and Learning with extensive technical online workshop. This Professional Development Training of Teachers on Flexible Learning is to be implemented for a total of 270 hours training of teachers. The synchronous session for Module 1-6 and Module 8 will be employed through zoom webinar scheduled for 2 hours every 2:00-4:00 PM. The CAHSS faculty will be engaged in an asynchronous session through a course site within 240 hours completion of online training outputs. The 16 hours special training session will be an 8 hour per day for 2 day hands-on online workshop for Module 7A and 7B. The CAHSS faculty is recommended to provide asynchronous activities in their class course site on those days where live zoom webinars are scheduled as required by the College Dean. There shall be more or less 30 participants who will be part of the training to include the resource speakers/trainers.